Economy, Education, Energy, Infrastructure and Environment.


Folks, take a look around at the low wage workers in our communities. The bulk of our rural Minnesotan work is employed by large national corporations, for their out-of-state headquarters and shareholders, extracting our local wealth to over-sea tax haven banks and investors. To build our communities better again, we have to bring that money back by ensuring our family and neighbors are paid a living wage.

We keep our money local, by raising the wage of the big national corporations employees who live in your community. It is basic economics that allows for more local money circulation, that our small businesses benefit from. Our towns and municipalities tax revenue increases that relieves the homeowner’s tax burden. It is time that we build back rural Minnesota, we must strengthen up our local economies and we must build back our local individual wealth. 

  • Increase the minimum wage to $25 an hour. 

  • Small family farm and small business relief. 

  • Wall-Street Reforms.

  • Jobs Program.

  • Strengthening Social Security.

  • Strengthening workers rights and protections.

  • Strengthening consumer protections.

Food, Agriculture, Foreign Policy, National Security and Labor.

Food and Agriculture

Food sovereignty and security depends on a local route to agricultural goods. Congressional District 8 is the farming commerce of Minnesota, and it is important that we honor and respect our local small family farms and ensure that they can thrive and prosper. My family roots are from farming families on both sides of the Red River, along with my tribal rights and lands spanning from North Dakota’s Turtle Mountains shared with our Red Lake Tribe. We must honor and protect our farming lands, fishing waters and rice waters.



I support access to good nutrition for every Minnesotan, and we need to dramatically increase funding to our Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  Here in rural/tribal Minnesota, especially during the COVID crisis, we have faced unemployment, under-employment and low wages. It has extracted the wealth and financial security of our friends and neighbors. Many of our Minnesotan family rely on nutrition assistance to feed their children and be able to provide a roof over their heads. It is disgusting to see congress not act in this time of crisis, and we must put leaders in power that will put our voices at the table, so we can eat.

Market Antitrust Actions

We’ve seen and financially felt the consolidation of national food producers and the power they hold over our consumer protections, economics, and our small family farmers. For far too long, congress has not acted and allowed these monopolies threaten our national food security and strive our nation leaving consumers and producers with fewer choices and higher prices. These mergers and global stock investors and shareholders have eaten many of our local farms for the foreign interests. I believe it is imperative that congress implements antitrust measures and put our food security back in the hands of our local family farms, along with finding solutions to help our Minnesotan farmers to stay profitable and competitive in the global markets. I am committed to building back rural Minnesota and that is by supporting the Minnesota economic backbone, our farmers.

Medicare-For-All, Postal Service and Prescription Drug Prices.


Unlike the Affordable-Care Act, or Governor Tim Walz version MNSure that both the base’s of the Democrats and GOP disapprove of, Medicare-For-All is favorable by the majority in both of the two major parties along with the independents that make up the bulk of the voting base for America and also Minnesota Congressional District 7. 


We the people have spoken, and we want to join the leading nations by providing a Universal healthcare system.  Libertarian economists have stated that Medicare-For-All is massively cheaper for our government and American families by the trillions. We are being duped by the CEO’s and shareholders of big pharmaceuticals, medical insurance corporations and medical equipment manufacturers who own our politicians and what becomes legislation. 

As a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa (ND), native nations need Medicare-For-All. How many of our relatives, loved ones and allies around us are sitting under mountains of debt. From our indigenous college youth, native mothers living away from a tribal clinic are both forced to utilize local private hospitals for their emergency needs. Medicare-For-All allows our grandparents access to those private specialists for their elderly medical needs.

All Americans have reasons to benefit from moving to a universal basic healthcare system. I support Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s Medicare-For-All that includes vision, dental, long-term and elder care.  I will be a loud and strong champion of this bill, I will not waiver. I will use every tool in my political toolkit to help provide these American approved Medicare-For-All becoming our new healthcare system. 

Criminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice and Retirement Security.

Criminal Justice Reform

Congressional District 8 is not racist, and we oppose police brutality. We see and understand that the way our criminal justice system historically targets BIPOC and low income communities of European descent. This is a labor class issue that has been extensively harmful to our vulnerable communities. I support criminal and judicial reforms that will make our communities safer and healthier.

  • Banning private prisons

  • Ending mandatory minimums and reinstating the federal parole system

  • Eliminating cash bail

  • Ending the federal prohibition on marijuana

  • Every police officer involved in a killing must be held accountable, and those found guilty must be punished with the full force of the law. That includes officers who stand by while these brutal acts take place.


Years since the largest corporations and individuals of wealth have paid taxes. Using lobbyists to manipulate and extort the American tax code. That tax code enables many of the largest corporations to make billions in revenue while paying nothing at all in taxes while pulling trillions from our public fund in subsidies and no bid government contracts. 


We have been extorted over the decades as these large corporate grifters, avoid their civic responsibility of reinvestment into our communities and country. We need to rid our tax code of the many loopholes allowed to the wealthy and big businesses. We need to address the national economic security risk of offshore banking tax havens. 


Trump’s administration reduced the corporate taxes over ten points from 34% down to 21%, severely cutting what little responsibility that corporations have to our communities.  We must raise the corporate taxes and also hold those American businesses to rebuild our once great nation.

Taxes, Trade, Veterans and Wall Street Reforms.