Medicare For All Act

  • Democratic voters overwhelmingly support Medicare for All. Medicare for All is the inspiring, bold approach that resonates with the activist base of the party and will help get out the vote.

  • Americans are demanding relief from skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs and drug prices from ruthless for-profit companies who make billions off their suffering while paying their CEOs tens of millions a year in compensation. Medicare for All would finally put patients before profits.

  • Medicare for All would improve access for everyone – including current Medicare enrollees – by guaranteeing comprehensive health care.

  • A Medicare for All system would mean all doctors and hospitals would be in-network

  • Only Medicare for All can bend the cost curve for the entire health care system, as other approaches continue the current fragmented system of hundreds of plans and payers.

  •  Transitioning to Medicare for All would be less disruptive for Americans, and would even be easier than transitioning to Medicare at age 65

  • The truth is that disruption of coverage is extremely common in our current health care system

  • Medicare for All would free up providers to focus on care, instead of on billing hundreds of different plans

  • U.S. wait times are comparable to other nations. However, our unmet health care needs due to health care costs are much higher than other comparable nations

  • Though the ACA allowed millions of Americans gain access to coverage, it also highlighted that coverage does not always ensure access to care

  • Public option proposals, including Medicare for America, would leave over 100 million Americans at the whim of private for-profit insuranceIn addition, a public option would further entrench the power of for-profit insurers

  • The companies that profit off our health care system have shown they are just as opposed to the most basic public option proposal as they are to Medicare for All

Ernest Joey Oppegaard-Peltier For US House MN-8

Joey comes from a family that had their first medical bankruptcy at the age of 16. Even being covered under tribal health Joey understands the burden of medical debts, working two jobs, so he may provide coverage to his spouse.  Even so they struggle with medial debt, premiums, co-pays, labs and medication costs.

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In the middle of a global pandemic we watched as congress and Biden's administration legislate in the favor of big pharma, medical equipment manufacturers and the health insurance "middle men". As our communities suffer under overwhelming medical debt, poor wages and inflation, healthcare should be a human right!

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You PAY under Medicare-For-All

Yearly Income - Yearly Cost

$29,000 - $0

$30,000 - $40

$59,00- $1200

$100,000 - $2840

$200,000 - $6840

Based off of a single filer, with basic dedications.