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Ernest Joseph Oppegaard-Peltier III


Boozhoo, Joey Peltier Indizhinikaaz, Makadewaa Makwa Indoodem, Indoonjibaa, Mikinaakwajiw-ininiwag.

Hello, Joey Peltier I am Black Bear Clan from the Turtle Mountains Band of Chippewa. 

I live in Bemidji Minnesota, with my husband Tyler. We are local community organizers focusing on labor issues, indigenous sovereignty and intersectionality.

Joey ran for U.S. Congress 2022, and has been engaged in political campaigning and organizing since early 2016. Joey has been active organizing since the age of 17 years old, starting his advocacy for foster and adopted youth, later on campaign finance reforms and the legalization efforts.

Joey is also a boots on the ground Water Protector, spending a year on the #StopLine3 movement (Nov 2020 - Nov 2021). Joey also contracts for indigenous environmental organizations doing an assortment of roles from tech, sound, video, photography, public speaking, hosting events, moderating panels and more.

Joey currently is the Vice Chair of Our Revolution Bemidji, he is also a board member of Project For Change, along with sitting on a various different caucus and boards in Minnesota and North Dakota.

For recreation and self care, Joey is creating a comic book around a coming of age story and indigenous futurism. Joey is also learning to become a DJ to help expand the services he offers local organizations.

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