We felt to have best reach across the district that we'd release our graphics if you don't want to wait for the campaign, send the file to your local union printer to be print.
Files can be found in our campaign Google Drive Shared Campaign Media folder. Along with a copy of our logo and profile photos of Ernest to use in campaign related media.

Yard Signs 12" x 19"

12x18 Yard Sign 1.png
12x18 Yard Sign 2.png

Campaign Tri-Fold

trifold 2.png

Campaign Buttons 2.25"

Button 1.png
Button 2.png

Campaign Business Cards

General Bussiness Card Front.png
Bussiness Card Front.png
General Bussiness Card back.png
Bussiness Card back.png

Campaign Door Hangs

General Campaign Door Hang Front.png
Native Campaign Door Hang Front.png
Campaign Door Hang Front.png
General Campaign Door Hang Back.png
Native Campaign Door Hang Back.png
Campaign Door Hang Back.png