Ernest Joseph

I am Ernest Joseph Oppegaard-Peltier III (Joey). I am running for Minnesota Congressional District 8. For far too long a corporate establishment candidate has represented ​the labor class here in one of Minnesota's largest congressional districts. Minnesota Congressional District 8 needs a politician that is going to represent the farmers, landowners, tribal nations, labor class, and the people! Our populace demands for a populist of the people candidate, and I am just that person.
My husband Tyler and I moved here to Bemidji in the fall of 2018, from Grand Forks, N.D. I am a caregiver here in Bemidji, in my preferred career of taking care of folks. I've been going on for nearly 18 years of being engaged in our communities from being on boards & state task forces advocating for foster & adoption youth, campaign finance reforms, racial justice, anti-political corruption and more to speak on. Almost two decades of understanding the political game, I know the rules ​and will use every tool in my toolkit to get the job achieved.
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I am not your stereotypical politician; I am an outspoken leader that follows his principles. Some of the principals that I inherited were from my union leader grandpa. He would gruffly lecture me as he would buzz cut my hair, talking about his barber days in the air force. Just like my grandpa Bob, I am a leader. I stand up for my community, and I am not afraid to speak for what is right.
I am a populist, from populace meaning for the people. Furthermore, I look at the polls and see that Medicare-For-All, Criminal Justice Reforms, Campaign Finances, Stronger Consumer Protections, Wall-Street Reform, Infrastructure and wages are being majority supported by both Democrat and Republican bases. The only thing our politicians want to work on together is for their big corporate donor benefit. I am not new to politics, and it is my intention to bring the labor class voice & anger to the table. I will use every tool in my toolkit to get the job done and to hold those accountable who made our once great nation to this state of desperation. We need someone who is going to act for the people and join our campaign to bring the people’s voice back to the table.
Ernest Joseph Oppegaard-Peltier III
Minnesota Congressional District 8.